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A Complete Guide To Real Estate Investment In Pakistan

Global Perspective of Real Estate Market:

Real Estate Market is the world’s most luxury marketplace, standing along at the peak with other distinguished marketplaces. Regardless of extensive productive incertitude, 2021 proved a record smashing year for the real estate investment, even after the pandemic of covid.

Pakistan’s Perspective in the Real Estate Market:

Pakistan is one of the blessed states, where a hype in the real estate market has been noticed at a massive level over the past decades. Pakistan’s real estate prediction 2022 has shown that it is going to be a year of boom in the real estate industry,  like no other previous years have ever touched such a growth in the graph.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Investment:                                                                                                                 

As far as the rapid growth in the trends in the developing sectors of the real estate market is concerned, rapid increase in population can not be denied. This rapid increase in population has uplifted the mindset of the people, and they became so conscious in acquiring lands to live in or for some future investment point of view. 

Some Applicable Ways to Define Property Investment:

Where to invest in the real estate business, what strategies should be opted as to find a better investment opportunity. Pick some simple steps for the pursuit of investment in the real estate industry.  

  • Ascertain your preferences
  • Do your research
  • Buy your property
  1. Buying Files
  2. Buying plots for resale at higher values
  3. Buying property to rent out
  4. Buying open land in expectancy of investment
  • Wait for the suitable time to execute your plan of selling
  • Do not rely on one resource only
  • Determine the value of your property
  • Try to meet the party face to face
  • Go for the Token Money at the initial phase
  • Verify all the document properly
  • Avoid payment in cash

Some Eminent Projects of Pakistan:

There are some notable projects in the most leading cities of Pakistan for investment purposes in the real estate market.




GWADAR is a port city located on the southern coast of Balochistan adjoining the shores of Arabian Sea opposite Oman. This is making Gwadar an exceptionally worthy place, permitting huge ships and vessels for import and export via sea-routes to enter Pakistan, and this is actually attracting the investors and buyers to invest here.

To become a big fish in the world of real estate business, the investor community is being magnetized to invest in Gwadar.

Gwadar is playing as a linchpin regarding CPEC by arising as a commercial and industrial focal point of the region. Spectacular development in the city has been witnessed regarding the real estate investment for the last two years. 

Tourists as well as the investors are investing here in terms of no risk instead ready to reap a huge profit in the upcoming years. Some of the housing schemes with great investment possibilities are being drafted here.

Balochistan Broadway Avenue

Green Palms

Gwadar Springs 

Gwadar Jaidad

Predominant of all, Balochistan Broadway Avenue is an instantaneous flourishing project concerning business and public interests, by locating at the shoreline. Easily approachable towards International Airports, Expressways, Hospitals and the other necessary living resources. This magnetic paradise permits you to pocket gainful returns of its swift extension in real estate development.

LAHORE stands at top-class in the ranking of cities in Pakistan in terms of real estate investment by providing diversity at a larger scale to invest either in commercial or residential zones. As the population of Lahore is increasing, Lahore is expanding massively from all of its four sides.

The reason behind the attraction of investors towards acquiring lands in Lahore, is the high gross margin as numerous projects have gone through the development process overnight and stood with the ostentatious in no time. 

So, it depends upon the luck and prudence of a person, how he savors his success, whether it’s a small-scale investment or a larger one. Lahore provides every possibility at its end.

Here are some top-notch housing societies of Lahore, with high margin profits more than 100%.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Orchard

Lake City

Golf-View Residencia


Plots and newly constructed houses of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and more than that in size, can easily be acquired as one’s best way of real estate investment.

Bahria Town Lahore is one of the earlier reckoned projects, providing residential as well as commercial range of land, still standing prominent till the date. Bahria Town has become a brand. Investors blind foldedly purchase lands of their choice, as no risk is involved in the upmarket society. Even the upcoming developing zones of Bahria Town Lahore are ready to crop hefty paybacks.

ISLAMABAD is known as an urban city of Pakistan, placed in between the Margalla Hills, properly planned both commercially and recreationally attracting colossal investment for the real estate.

Over the past few years, a tremendous mode of interest of the investor community (local as well as overseas) for the investment in real estate is being observed.

Many of the distinctive housing schemes are being launched and developed here. Some of them are listed down:

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Pakistan Naval Farms

DHA Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is holding a firm grip on real estate investment nowadays. Islamabad is located in the lap of nature, and as far as Bahria Enclave is concerned, it’s away from the hassle of the city, located near to Bani Gala.It’s an ideal place to invest in for a futuristic point of view.

Blue World City Islamabad is going to be a highly secured housing society with a high revenue across the city. By providing a luxury lifestyle at very reasonable prices not only for the individuals of Pakistan, but also for the overseas Pakistanis too.

Blue World City Islamabad has become a highest ranking housing scheme for local and international merchandisers to open-up their businesses next to the CPEC route.

PROS and CONS of Real Estate Investment:

Investment in the real estate market gets stuck as long as you don’t find some profit possibility near or in the coming future.

So you need to be careful while making your future decisions before leaning forward in the property business.

Here are some pros and cons which may lend you a helping hand.

Why invest in Real Estate?All depends upon your hunger for investment
A weighty valuable in your possessionPossessing valuable property may involve taxes
High revenues in a short period of timeMargins may not arise as expected 
Property can be held for future perspectiveIt may fall due to certain change in situation 
A profitable possession may pass as inheritanceLegal issues may occur in inherited property

Final Words:

Pakistan’s real estate  sector has extracted the heed of a large number of business communities over the country. One should be so vigilant in making timely , fast and healthy decisions for investing in the real estate market. That was all much needed before stepping into this stream of healthy competition.

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