A Guide on How to Save Money When Building Your Home

Building your own home is exciting, intimidating, and costly. Before taking the plunge, you should know how to save money when building your home. It’s not about compromising on material quality or letting go of your ideal home image, rather it’s about economizing and making the right decisions to reduce the construction costs when building your dream home.

There are a lot of steps involved in building your dream home and if you make the right decision at each step, you can save a lot of money and reduce the construction cost to a huge amount. As a homeowner, you have the ability to tailor your budget, deciding where to splurge and where to economize. With a little research and cost-effective planning, you can build your family’s dream home without spending a fortune.

The following tips and tricks  will answer your queries on how to reduce construction cost and save a lot of money as you build your dream home

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8 Steps to Building Your Dream Home 

1- Get Your Finances In Order

First and foremost, consider how much you can afford to spend on your home’s construction at each step of the process. Consult with a financial advisor and your lender before purchasing the materials. When you’ve determined a budget, communicate it to your builder and stick to it. Stick to your budget, no matter how tempting the more expensive options are.

2- Choose a Reduced Footprint

When it comes to building your dream house, every square foot counts. The larger the house, the higher the cost. For example, if the cost of building your home is PKR 2100 per square foot, adding 250 square feet will cost you PKR 525,000 in addition to the cost of building your home.

Consider how much space your family requires. To get the most bang for your buck, keep your floor plan simple and functional. Choosing an open floor plan is an excellent way to create the illusion of a larger home and reduces construction costs.

3- Save Money Wherever You Can

Determine which features are must-haves and which can be skipped when designing your home.

Flooring, lights, Windows, Doors etc are the most important elements in building your dream home. You can save money  on these design elements by purchasing them from wholesale markets, looking for thrift stores, 2nd hand product sales. Another way to save money while building your dream home is to select high-quality faux wood floors instead of traditional hardwood floors. Similarly, begin with basic light fixtures and window treatments and gradually upgrade as your budget allows.

4- Be Extravagant When Necessary

Remember that not all upgrades and amenities are equally valued. You should stick to some of the basic necessities  that you want in a house, even if they are costly but  will give you a return on your investment in the future like laundry rooms, energy-efficient apparatuses, and open-air living areas. 

5- Opt Your Builder Wisely

Builders play their role to manipulate your home construction experience and estimated expenses. The objective is to discover a trustworthy and reasonably estimated home builder on whom you can trust and depend for the quality work on promised time. Compare a few neighbourhood domestic builders and select the one that provides the standard work in return of your cash.

Consider things like reasonable upgrades, all-inclusive pricing, reviews, and recently completed projects. The builder should be aware of your budget and priorities so that he can advise you on additional cost-cutting measures.

6- Never Take the First Quote you Get

Never accept the first quote from a builder, contractor, or material supplier. Contact various companies to obtain quotes, and then use these quotes to negotiate the best possible price.

7- Put the Finishing Touches on Your Own

A very common and important question, ‘how to reduce construction cost’, comes to mind as you start taking steps to build your dream home. 

Contrary to popular belief, not every aspect of home construction necessitates the use of a professional builder or contractor. This can be extraordinary news for home builders since it gives them yet another way to spare money. For illustration, rather than contracting somebody to paint the highlight dividers, choose a paintbrush and do it yourself. Get Your hands dirty in the garden area by planting your choicest plantation. Join the handles of the kitchen cabinets. Doing basic errands yourself seems to spare you hundreds of dollars.

8- Take Part in the Development Process 

Although it may be enticing to appoint the development handle to your group, you ought to remain involved. Who is most concerned about your ideal home? You’re the one!

That is why you should communicate with your team on a regular basis to ensure that your project stays on track. This holds genuine for the timeline, building arrangement, and budget. Be sure to keep an eye on invoices and expenses and allude to plans to guarantee that the development group is taking after the agreed-upon details. You’ll hold your builder responsible this way.

They should pay to correct any errors made by their team or subcontractors.

Building Your Dream Home On a Fixed Capital

Steps of building your dream home may cause inconvenience. It isn’t as costly, but it can take nearly a year to complete. You’ll moreover get to put on your extended management hat amid the method. After you’ve enlisted your development group, you can’t essentially sit back and unwind. Proprietors who build their established  homes are most fruitful when they remain included within the venture and guarantee that everything goes as planned. 

However, all of the difficult work is frequently worth it after you get to live within the house of your dreams. Many people wish to construct their own homes. Still and all, the cost is a major deterrent.

Instead of sacrificing your dreams and purchasing a pre-owned home, take a unique approach to home construction.

Costs can be drastically decreased by skillfully arranging out subtle elements like enlisting a right team, finding an ideal piece of land, and building your dream home on that said land rather than to start construction without making an enlisted plan. Even better, no design or construction compromises are required.

Invest in Cheaper Properties

Every property investor desires to purchase property at the lowest possible cost. Even better, inexpensive property that will generate a good rental income  or that can be developed and resold at a profit.

But is it really such a good investment to buy a cheap property?

Cheap properties are perfect for cash investors.Cheap properties may be difficult to sell.
Minimise the stamp duty bill for investors.Poor prospects for capital appreciation.
Less money investment involves low risk.Cheap properties, vary instability, appreciate slowly, peak late, and depreciate so quickly.
Low deposits, low repayments, low interest.Cheap property always stands cheap.
Good rental prospects.Limited to certain types of benefits.

There are some key points to note down if you are looking to invest in cheaper properties.

* First and foremost, be aware of the disadvantages, and look into the details of why the property is so cheap.

* Be realistic about fund acknowledgement in the future.

* Be realistic about potential resale.


* Be realistic about letting the capability and the amount of rent that can be charged. 

* Calculate returns precisely. Moreover, where the possible returns make the property show up to be engaging speculation, guarantee that this distance exceeds the impediments, such as a need for capital gains.

Some Affordable Housing Societies are:

  • Al-Haram Garden Housing Society 
  • Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  • Zaitoon-New Lahore City
  • Dream Housing Society
  • Gulshan-E-Habib Housing Society
  • Central Park housing scheme, Lahore.
  • Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS)

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that building your dream home does not have to be expensive. Try to practice some smart actions as a part of your routine like doing some research work, adhering to your estimated resources, and making cost-effective decisions, to appear as a conscious and well-aware consumer.

The procedure is simple and straightforward.

Begin your new dream home a journey of your own signature home by putting your involvement in every step of its making.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Can I save money if I build my own home?

Yes, you can save money If you build your own home. It  depends upon the choice of land, its location, size, and type, the quality of materials used in construction. This is how you can save thousands  when building your own home.

What is the most economical way to build a house?

The most economical way to build a house is to design a simple plan. 

Keeping the floor plan square or rectangular simplifies construction and design. Building up is generally less expensive than building a jumbled one-story home.

You should opt for a multi-story house plan for more space.

What steps should be taken first when designing a house?

Some important steps are:

  1. Check that you are in the correct location.
  2. Consider your financial situation.
  3. The house’s orientation.
  4. Involve your family in designing.
  5. The size of the land.
  6. Make your house design flexible.
  7. Be realistic and adaptable.

Is it more expensive to buy or build a newly constructed house?

Buying a newly constructed house is far more expensive than building a new one for you.The total construction cost for the grey structure of the 5-Marla house is 3,331,375 Pakistani rupees.

What is the difference between a home designer and an architect?

Designers take part in the plan of inside components such as the stream of spaces, affecting style, and material handling, all while including tasteful acclaim.

Architects, on the other hand, create detailed drawings of the structure to ensure that it meets all building codes.

What elements make up a house plan design contingency?

An unusual shape or a lot of corners will increase the cost of building a house. The more corners, the higher the cost.

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