Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore: Culturally Diverse Environment

A culturally diverse, safe, and healthy atmosphere welcomes you by offering 5 Marla plots for sale in Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore, a major project of Urban Developers located on Ferozpur Road Lahore.

It is an accepted fact that Urban Developers already have a stellar track record of providing innovative landscaping, ground-breaking innovations, and proper project execution spanning three and a half decades. 

Central Park Housing Scheme has developed into a substantial society that provides a higher standard of living for its valued members with a positive vision and unwavering teamwork.

Project Specifications

The Central Park Housing Scheme initially called for about 9,500 kanals of land. The new arrangement is Presently saving a closely resembling plot of land for possible augmentations, keeping with the exclusive requirements, uprightness, and certainty that the general population has set in the chairmanship of Mian Tahir Javed, The Chief Executive of Urban Developers.

We think the key to success is a vibrant corporate culture supporting growth and encouraging modernization.

Also, our customer-driven technique is fueled by our eagerness and want for the finest results since it is educated by creative ideas, high-quality improvement, and a never-ending hunt for excellent ways to serve and respect our clients.


Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore is situated at main Ferozepur Road, only a 5-7 minute drive from Bulleh Shah Ring Road, Gajju Matta, interchange.

So, the location of this society is exceptional in all ways.

Neighboring Landmarks

Similarly, the neighboring landmarks of the Central Park Housing Scheme are:

Allama Iqbal International Airport

(10 minutes drive away)

DHA Lahore

(7-minute drive away) 

Palm City and Bahria Nasheman Lahore

(2-minute drive away) 

Safari Garden, Tulip Garden, LDA City, and Bahria EMC

(6- 10 minutes drive away)

Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore Plots for Sale

The social map displays Central Park Housing Scheme as a home to nine blocks with advanced blockwise development (A-H), whereas one block J is under construction. 

Block A consists of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plot.

Block B contains 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Plots.

Block C comprises 10 Marla and 2 Kanal Plots.

Block D consists of 10 Residential plots with very limited 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Plots.

Block E exhibits the residential plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Block F and Block G consist of 10 Marla residential plots.

This scheme offers a 150 feet long main boulevard, with minor streets at 40 feet in width. 

You may find various plots for sale in Central Park Lahore in multiple sizes. 

Notably, well-known architects and engineers designed this scheme’s entire master plan.

Overall, this society is a remarkable depiction of a fully-equipped and comfortable lifestyle in which people want to live and invest.

Plots for Sale in Central Park Lahore

Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore provides residential and commercial plots for sale in the following sizes.

Residential Plots

3.5 Marla

4 Marla

5 Marla 

10 Marla 

1 Kanal 

2 Kanal 

Commercial Plots

4 Marla 

8 Marla 

Central Park Lahore Plots Prices

J-Block Launch Prices and Payment Plan 2022

Plot SizeTotal PriceBookingConfirmation24 Monthly Installments2 Yearly Installments

Considering a safe and pleasant place to reside can be difficult, especially in a huge city like Lahore.

People are facing difficulties in decision-making while investing in affordable housing schemes. However, the Central Park Lahore plot prices at very feasible rates enable you to do so. Central Park is an excellent choice for people who want all the benefits of a city living without breaking the bank.

This excellent scheme offers a magnificent lifestyle, with almost all prerequisites at an outstanding value. Central Park’s payment schedule is highly customizable. This society provides a range of plots, houses, and apartments for sale. Furthermore, customers can confidently choose a payment plan that fits their needs and budget.

The majority of plots in developed blocks are accessible in cash. On the other hand, people looking for affordable plots can invest in a new deal plot in Block J.

5 Marla Plot for sale in Central Park Lahore 

Block J has a limited range of 5 Marla plots for sale in Central Park Lahore for cash purposes. The plots can be reserved with a 10% down payment and the balance paid in 45 days. So hurry up to capture your reservation immediately, and let Central Park build your dream plot. Enjoy the extraordinary residential facilities and luxuries with land sizes ranging from 3.5 Marla to 1 Kanal. 

It is a gated community with well-barricaded entrance and exit points and patrolling guards equipped with HD CCTV cameras and drones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aside from the incredible facilities, you can also enjoy amenities like a large shopping mall where you can buy everything under one roof, a playland, a theme park with well-maintained walking trails and a huge variety of beautiful horticulture, and a ZOO where your children can have endless fun.



Applicable development charges are:

10% Extra on facing a 50ft road.

15% Extra on facing a 60ft or facing park or corner.

20% Extra on facing a 50ft road or a corner or park + corner.

 25% Extra on facing 80′ road + corner or facing a park.

35% Extra on facing 150ft road + corner.

Amenities within the Vicinity

This society has all the modern conveniences and luxuries needed for a comfortable lifestyle. Some of the amenities and features that the community offers to its clients are as follows:

Water Filtration Plant

Basic needs like Water, Gas and Electricity

Proper Sewerage System & Waste Disposal

24/7 Security System and Guards

24/7 Public Transport Service 

Lake with Waterfall within the Vicinity

Cricket Ground for Sports Activities

Food Street with a Chain of Good Restaurants

Theme Park

Marriage Lawns

Kids Play Areas & Gardens

Sports and Gym Facilities

Masjid in Every Block

Gated Community

Carpeted Roads

Green Belts & Eye-Catching Parks

Top-Brand Shopping Facilities

Lahore Grammar School


About the Developers

Urban Developers, founded in 1980, is a leader in town planning and property development with an impressive track record of residential community projects. The projects of Urban Developers are well-known throughout Pakistan for their profitable sites, first-rate construction work, creative ideas, and sincere dedication to their objective. 

Their goal is to provide modern, cutting-edge urbanized housing with a higher standard of living. The clients are also offered top benefits, such as premium living accommodations, top-notch educational opportunities, and the comfort of utilities in a healthy, civilized, and secure environment. 

Some notable projects are:

Midland Farmhouses Bedian Road Lahore

Central Park Teaching Hospital

IT Tower Gulberg

Central Park Medical College

Air Avenue Luxury Apartments

Future Investment Perspective on Central Park Housing Scheme

Plots for sale in Central Park Lahore offered by the society are a fantastic investment prospectus for investors.

The investment in this project is quite advantageous due to various variables such as the ideal and excellent location, the availability of utilities, and the affordability of property purchasing, among others.

The distinctive investment options of the properties offer the financial specialists of all the pay bunches to contribute here effortlessly without utilizing up all their reserve funds.

The Central Park Housing Scheme is a pre-populated residential area where guaranteed possession will be delivered on time. 

Investing in the Central Park Housing Scheme can also earn a substantial rental income. The society’s new blocks (Block E, Block F, and Block G) are being built at a cheaper cost making it more feasible and straightforward to invest in than the other Central Park Housing Scheme blocks.

The residents have access to primary and civic amenities at their doorsteps. Plots for sale in Central Park Lahore are invitations, in actuality, an ideal opportunity for those who are looking for a budget-friendly residential property suitable for their perfect residence.

By giving these aspects to the project, it has the potential to be a profitable investment that represents a fantastic opportunity.

Final Verdict

Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore plots for sale are unquestionably a comprehensive residential package for anyone looking for the greatest and most reasonable options. This society has received LDA clearance, making it an excellent investment opportunity in Lahore.

As a result, its location and amenities add to its allure and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the creators of the Central Park Housing Scheme in Lahore?

It’s an Urban Developers’ project.

The group was created by Mian Tahir Javed (a chartered town planner) in 1980 with the rise of the Punjab Cooperative Housing Society. Furthermore, these developers are well-reputed among their contemporaries.

Is the Central Park Housing Scheme approved by LDA?

Lahore Development Authority completely approves the Central Park Housing Scheme.

Where is the Central Park Housing Society located in Lahore?

Central Park is located on the main Ferozepur Lahore-Kasur Road, approximately 20 kilometers from Kalma Chowk and 10 kilometers from Gajju Matta.

What is the expected time period for getting possession of the plots available in Block J of Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore?

Possessing the available plots in Block J might be possible in the coming 6 months.

Is the Central Park Housing Scheme a secure investment providing opportunity?

Yes, investment in the Central Park Housing Scheme is a highly secure and worthwhile opportunity for investors and buyers interested in some profitable opportunities.

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