Contrary To World, Real Estate Business Is Spreading All Over The Country

The real estate business has been one of the most attractive and profitable businesses in Pakistan during the last decade. This business reduces the investment risk and offers a huge raise in profits simultaneously. For this purpose, the real estate business attracts lots of attention from the investors. This business has very important implications for several socio – economic indicators. The real estate business requires a huge amount of investments and earns a high profit margin as compared to other forms of investments. 

Investing in the real estate industry is considered as one of the most safest and reliable ways. For the past couple of years, Pakistan has seen a rise within real estate and especially in housing societies and projects. The demand for residential and commercial properties in Pakistan has been growing since 2010 which leads to an increased interest among real estate developers and investors. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate business has witnessed a severe downhill as it struck the entire world. A lot of countries had become bad victims of it including Pakistan. Whereas the people living in slum areas suffered the most. Due to adverse effects of COVID-19, many real estate companies were impacted in different ways, largely dependent on region and asset class. 

People have been migrating from rural areas to urban areas for better living facilities and opportunities. Therefore, many metropolitan cities have become overpopulated. Due to this reason, the need for out-of-city housing societies has been on the rise. Many housing society projects are located about 25 to 30 kilometers away from the city zone. 

The real estate business of Pakistan has increased over the past few decades and will continue to flourish in the coming years with the construction and development of housing societies. Famous cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, and Faisalabad are undoubtedly at the top when it comes to the real estate industry. All over the world, this industry and stock markets play key roles in the economic growth and development of the country. 

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