Governor Approves Housing Societies Amendment Ordinance 2021 For Housing Sector’s Regularization

The Governor of Punjab, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar issued an ordinance to regularize the private housing schemes with the title, “The Punjab Commission for Regularization of Irregular Housing Schemes Ordinance 2021”. 

According to news reports, on Friday, November 12, Muhammad Sarwar finally approved the Housing Societies (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 and issued a gazette notification at the request of Punjab Government. Under this new ordinance, the Punjab government will form a housing council rather than a commission to administer the operations of more than 1,400 unlawful housing societies. 

The government is said to give the newly established council or commission a secretariat and logistical assistance. Under this notification, the housing council will consist of four members. The chairperson will preferably be a retired judge with additional members including a town planner, a highly qualified civil engineer and a former environmental officer with 20 years of experience. 

Moreover, the Chamba House will be made the Secretariat of the Housing Societies Commission and Housing Council. The housing council will have the power to hold further hearings on the decision of the housing commission. The commission’s powers will also include the ability to supervise housing plans, restore cemeteries, and impose penalties on housing societies that lack space for hospitals and mosques.

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