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Systematic Series Of Actions Real Estate In Pakistan

The best steps you should follow, if you want to purchase property in Pakistan, are right here in this article. If you are reading this article, you are at the right platform because everything regarding sale and purchase is being pondered here.

Man is a social animal and all he needs is a house to live in, a car to drive and clothes to wear. To maintain his social status, he struggles for the best.

Investment in real estate is appearing as today’s dilemma to attain unquestionable standards of living, but standing at nowhere about investing your capital as there is no obvious way out regarding the procedures step by step, with all the litigation as for the purchase of property in Pakistan.

Property Sales And Purchase Rules In Pakistan:

People All over the world are cautious about investing in the real estate market and so is the case within Pakistan too. Even after the pandemic of Covid and increased inflation rate, the real estate business is facing rapid growth and this hype has attracted the investor community towards the property sale and purchase rules in Pakistan.

There are four rules mainly encroaching in real estate for the sale and purchase of property in Pakistan.

  1. Stamp Act 1899
  2. Registration Act 1908
  3. Land Revenue Act 1967
  4. Transfer of Property Act 1882

If you are interested in how to purchase property in Pakistan, and you are unaware of the procedure involved in acquiring land or property, you should follow some rules step by step to avoid any inconvenience, mishap, or fraudulent activity for the purchase and other aspects.

Property Purchase Tax in Pakistan:

If we talk about property rights in general, these are counted as the basic rights in Pakistan, because under article#23, the constitution of Pakistan has given its natives the right to purchase, persist and auction the property they own, in any region of Pakistan without the discrimination between males and females. 

Property purchase tax in Pakistan can only be charged when the purchased property is being sold within the first three years following the purchase, according to Pakistan Finance Act 2017. The rate of this tax changes every year,i.e; 

1st Year—10%

2nd Year—7.5%

3rd Year—5%

If you are going to purchase a property worth 50 Lacs or above 50 Lacs, the TDS is charged at 1%. TDS is deducted by an individual as some per cent of the amount during a sales deed, and now according to FBR, a breakthrough is brought about by enhancing the advance tax rate of sale and purchase transfer deed from 1% to 2%  stationary property.

Only the properties that are counted under some trust-holdings, charitable institutions and religious purposes cannot be charged under any tax-paying properties.

Best Steps to Follow in Purchasing Property in Pakistan:

Here in this article, almost all the topics like how to purchase property in Pakistan and property sales and purchase rules in Pakistan are being explained bit by bit. Read them carefully and don’t be reluctant in pursuing them.

Types Of Property:

It is very important that before investing in real estate, you should choose the kind of property with the best gross revenue. The exceptional types of property are the same, by and large in the property business in Pakistan as property can be classified as:

  • Industrial Property
  • Agricultural Property
  • Mixed Property
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

Some are the standard types of property commonly advertised among the sales dealers in Pakistan and all over the world. 

  • Plots
  • Houses
  • Bungalows
  • Commercial Studios
  • Commercial Outlets
  • Offices And Plazas
  • Farm Houses
  • Flats And Apartments
  • Hotels And Restaurants

Choicest Purchase in Property:

Investment in the property business in Pakistan is way better than the other business because of its lucrative turnover. Plan to choose the best for you. There you need to ponder upon how to purchase property in Pakistan either for future investment or want some property for your living needs and requirements, be sure about its yields and gains. 

Do Some Online Research:

One of the best steps in purchasing property in Pakistan is online research. This is mandatory. As It is an era of the Internet, where everything is found at a single click. When you choose to invest in real estate, do some online research about that particular property you are going to invest in and stay updated about the property purchase tax in Pakistan. 

By doing so, you can get all the desirable information regarding every minute detail about it. And definitely, It will help to choose the best for you. 

Check The Approval (N.O.C):

After picking out the best choice for you, the next step in purchasing a property is checking the approval letter or NOC (No Objection Certificate) of that particular property or land. 

This approval is of utmost importance as it declares the property as an authorized and legalized one, from the Tehsil or District Development Authority, by providing financial security to your investment. So, be vigilant in checking the approval letter while purchasing. 

Consulting a Real Estate Agent:

Real estate agents play an indispensable part in purchasing property in Pakistan. Try to find a sincere property agent because he is the real source in providing the best revenue out of your investment. 

His valued pieces of advice and prophecies against the profit margins may take your investment at a higher stature of your property gains. But be cautious while hiring an agent, as some dirty fish are making the whole water dirty by taking their money-making pursuits above all, without caring about the loss and profit of others.  

Match Market Rates With Your Budget:

After handing all the prerequisites of your requirement for the gain of property over to your property agent, the next step to follow in purchasing property is to match your range of capital with the property you are going to acquire, as you will find different rates of the different areas of land, but with the variation in the flux of prices. The property rate according to your budget will prove pocket-friendly to 


Thorough Survey of the Property:

After the acknowledgement of your budget preferences, be sure to make a thorough survey report about every detail of the property you have decided to invest in. 

You should pay a personal visit and don’t just rely on the details advertised by social media and T.V channels. By paying visits, you may find clarity about the facts regarding the property legitimation in good order and by-rights.

Meet Personally With The Other Party:

Try to arrange a face-to-face meeting when you make up your mind to get that property. Your real estate agent will coordinate with the other party and will set a meeting in order to fulfill the deed. This step clears all the ambiguity regarding the purchase of land. Further, you can negotiate the demand of the property while sitting with the seller.

Signing The Deal:

Before signing the deal, you should be pretty much sure about the clauses included in the agreement regarding the deal you are going to finalize. Read every line of each clause carefully to avoid any future inconvenience and then sign the deal. Pay a small amount of money as a token or make it a conditional token, in case of any withdrawal or stepping back due to some reasons, you may not face much loss. After signing the deal, you have to hand over the amount as written on that stamped paper of the sales deed.

Verifying The Documents:

Before paying the whole amount of money, the most important step in property sale and purchase rules in Pakistan is to verify the documents accordingly. In this procedure, the real estate agent plays his role in verifying all the papers thoroughly, or if you are investing in some renowned society, the management of that society assists you during the process of verification.

Legal documents required for the purchase of property in Pakistan are:

  • Sales Deed
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Completion Certificate
  • Mother Deed

Make sure that all the documents are checked with the litigation regarding  property purchase tax in Pakistan.

Payment Procedures:

The next step is the payment procedure. At the time of finalizing the deal, all the payment schedule is specified in detail. Now there comes the time of transferring the full amount wholly about the possession of that purchased property. Here you have to pay the dues or charges of your hired real estate agent too. Try to pay in the amount, in the form of bank pay orders or direct transfer, but not in cash for a safety point of view.

Transfer of Ownership:

This step is as important as the payment procedure is. You should be very careful in the procedure of transferring the ownership. Don’t miss anything at this step and be more focused. Much-needed particulars for the purchase of property in Pakistan are as under:

  • Two passport-size photos of both parties’ owners
  • Original CNIC of both parties
  • Copies of CNIC of both buyer and seller
  • Copies of CNIC of buyer’s next kin
  • NDC (No Demand Certificate) from society
  • Clearance certificate from services (for houses, apartments and shops)
  • Bank receipt of the transfer fee
  • Bank receipt of pay order (if needed) 

Be sure, That you have collected all the documents regarding allotment or transfer along with you before leaving the office where you dealt with the whole procedure because without these documents, you can not profess the ownership of your purchased property.


All the steps should be followed appropriately if you want to purchase property in Pakistan. The legal documents required for the property purchase tax in Pakistan should be implemented according to the Pakistan Finance Act.

Here we have listed and covered all the prerequisites to provide a step-by-step guideline for property sale and  purchase rules in Pakistan.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the real estate market facing a hard time nowadays?
  • No, there is an obvious hype in the real estate market day by day even after the pandemics of Covid-19.

  • Is there any gender discrimination regarding the ownership of property in Pakistan?
  • No, There is no gender discrimination as the government of Pakistan has given equal rights for the ownership of property in Pakistan.

  • What is NOC?
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) is an authorized approval of particular land or property by the Tehsil and District Development Authority in Pakistan.

  • Do all types of properties pay the property tax?
  • No, not all of the properties are entitled for paying tax. Properties like Trusts, Charitable Institutes and Religious Buildings are tax-exempted in Pakistan.

  • Has FBR enhanced the ratio of sales tax in the current year 2022?
  • Yes, according to FBR Issuance of Income Tax Circular# 15 of 2022-23, FBR has enhanced the transfer of immovable property from 1% to 2 %.

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